Serving the Greater Fort Wayne Area and Northeast Indiana for over 11 years of non-stop fun!

Darrin started Fast Track Racing over 11 years ago with a vision of bringing a truly unique racing experience to the Northeast Indiana and Great Fort Wayne area. Fast Track Racing is the racing experience you have been looking for whether your 13 or 50! Our slick road course is challenging even for the seasoned racer or just some fun with your friends.

Our karts are not only the fastest around but they are 100% Electric!! With them being electric, that saves on the gas smells and makes it possible for people to ride indoors!! No mess, No Fumes, No Smells!!! Since our move, we have gotten some new karts that will make the experience better than ever!! These real Italian Racing Karts are for the advanced racer and drifter!! These karts are to be driven hard and to be drifted!! Each race is timed with a State of The Art Timing System.

At the end of your race, everyone gets a print out of every lap they drove that you can take home so you can show off to your friend on who REALLY is the fastest in your group!!